Hello, Warrior Mama!

You got this!

This is an excerpt from my letter written to you! Please read the full letter here.

My name is Robyn Karns and I have walked in your shoes. I’ve experienced the phone call that you thought you’d never have. I am a praying mama and I’m sure you are as well. So when God allows such loss and heart wrenching pain it shakes you to your core. I know we have all screamed at God and questioned why. I also know that the pain doesn’t sting as much over time. 

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The Lord knows how we feel and He can handle it. My advice is to just allow the grieving process. Grieve with the Lord. We moms try to hold it all together for everyone else but not this time. This time is for you Mama. Don’t beat yourself up when you have the hard days and question your sanity! Just sit and never put expectations on yourself or allow anyone else to. You literally lost a part of your heart and soul. Give yourself grace.

When you look at this jewelry, let it be a reminder that you are not alone. Let it remind you that not only are we warriors here until we go home but, our children are now commissioned into God’s Army and they are Warriors in Heaven. 

Much love from your warrior sister,