Meet Zach, my son

“My dream is to travel the world spreading God’s Love”

This is an excerpt from my story about my son, Zach. Please read the story here.

My son struggled with depression that led to substance abuse and addiction. He fought his battles and never stopped running to Jesus. We know that in his alone time the enemy worked on his mind, and we lost him. BUT, we know that he is sitting with Jesus in Heaven.

During my grief, I have had the best support system. The Lord has used them to give some answers during my pain. I needed something for God. I was desperate for some kind of understanding after ALL the prayers a mama could pray for her son.

My prayer is to reach people all over the world and spread the love of Jesus through Zach’s story, and to continue the work he started.

If you struggle with addiction – God loves you so much! He loves you just as much as he did when he created you in your mother’s womb! NOTHING you can do will ever make him love you less or MORE! You are a son/daughter of the Most High God and you are unconditionally loved, for He is a good God.

My Zach would want me to share this, “Don’t be deceived.” –

His Mama,

Robyn Karns